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Thursday's USDA's supply demand report held some surprises. The lowest planted US hard winter wheat acres in over 100 years supported wheat. A reduction in bean yields and ending stocks has beans rallying. Weather in South America has also been supportive as areas of Brazil are too dry and areas of Argentina are too wet. Corn is stuck in the mud, with adequate ending stocks and a stagnate demand picture.

If you have farm stored corn and are looking for bids to terminal markets or Midwest Ag Service give us a call.

If you have farm stored beans let us give you a bid to get them to AGP.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017: PM Market Update

CHS Market Comments: After the initial shock of a DOE inventory report thatshowed a draw of 7 million barrels for crude oil, a build of 10 million barrelson distillates, and a build of 8 million barrels on distillates, energy marketsended the day without a major move in either direction. The firstinventory report of the year can often be misleading because of end of yearpositioning the last few weeks of December. Also contributing to thelarge draw in crude oil stocks was fog in the Gulf Coast which limitedimports.

Growmark Market Comments: Energy futures were able to shrug off large builds in product inventories and finish mixed on the day. Products saw massive builds because of depressed commercial holiday demand and an increase in refinery runs. Meanwhile, crude inventories saw a large draw because refiners on the Gulf coast avoided pulling in imports until after the New Year because of tax implications. Crude inventories are not taxed until they have arrived onshore, typically at the end of the year refiners wait to bring in crude shipments to delay the tax hit until the next calendar year.

Nemaha County Coop Reminders

Fuel Filter Reminder: Fall and Winter is a great time to change out filters on your fuel tanks. Over time, sediments and other contaminants settle in your fuel and also into your filters causing problems. Be sure to ask us to change your filters when ordering fuel.

Propane Contracting: Be sure to price protect yourself from higher heating costs this winter. Call us about our winter contracting prices today! 785-336-6153

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