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Protect Your Investment - Cenex Total Protection Plan
August 29th - September 9th
Nemaha County Coop - All Locations
Sign up your new equipment or FREE during this time frame. NCCA will $99 to help sign up and protect your new or used equipment for up to 10yrs or 10,000hrs.
*$299 for new & $399 for used w/ $200 in Cenex Gift Cards*

Contact Kyle Hiltibrand for more information 785-294-0465

Consolidation Q&A
We will be keeping an up to date Question & Answer from the progress of the consolidation that is being talked about between NCCA, Ag Partners and Jackson Farmers. Please read that HERE.

Cover Crops
Now is the ideal time to start seeding cover crops. Nemaha Co Coop has a large selection of cover crop seed on hand to help create a custom blend best suited for your acres.

With the shorter corn plants, more light will penetrate the canopy before harvest. Aerial seeding a cover crop helps eliminate fall weeds as well as create a great source for fall and winter grazing for livestock. Nemaha Co Coop has teamed up with Precision Aerial LLC, a locally owned and operated custom aerial applicator, to apply cover crop seed.

Call your local NCCA agronomist today to book acres and identify what your cover crop needs are.

Lime- Summer Delivery

Now is the time to start getting your lime hauled for your needs this fall. Most quarries now have a decent supply but as we come into fall those supplies usually run out, making us truck more miles from a different quarry. Also if you have wheat stubble, this is a perfect time to get some lime on.

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